Writing Class Post – Must See SF!

Kei: I would like to introduce you to ‘’Must see SF!’’ The place that I want to recommend is Twins Peaks! Have you ever been there? If you have not been to there, you must go! It was named twins peaks because there are two hills like a twins.  Each peak has its own name: Eureka Peak(North Peak) and Noe Peak(South Peak). This place is famous for its scenic beauty. You can see golden gate bridge, famous church, beautiful park and the San Francisco Bay many boat are coming and going. I cannot forget the view form there with my friends.  The scene is branded on my memory. So, I really recommend Twins Peaks. You have to climb up hill, it is better to go to there with shoes that are easy to walk in. There are at high altitude, the wind is blowing hard. You should wear warm clothes.  If you go to there, you take the 37 Corbett Muni line and get off Crestline Drive station near a path up the hill. I hope you can have a great time at Twins Peaks! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________   Juan David: Why? It’s not about a big city, or the cheapest one, but you know for me is the place to be. Almost everybody where I come from wants to go to other towns and countries, with difficult names, but I don’t. I want to stay here and keep knowing much as possible. This city has so much to give that I don’t have all the space and the time to explain it but I’ll try to share what I think you must see in SF. For me it’s impossible to say which is my favorite thing to do or which was the best because all the days I’m glad to walk … Read more

Writing Class Challenge – What to do for free in San Francisco?!

This week the writing class was presented with a challenge – create a short writing with five fun activities to do in San Francisco that are free – all you have is a Clipper Card, no money! Students got creative in their suggestions, which are written below. #1 – Eugenia Nikitina If you are coming to San Francisco on a budget, here are some great things for you to do. First you should go to Embarcadero to see Bay Bridge and lots of beautiful views. It’s located not far from EC-school and it is good because you can get it by foot. Also in San Francisco are many amazing parks. For example, you can go to the Golden Gate Park for a picnic and playing in various games on fresh air. Also you can take your skateboard or bicycle because there are many places where you can ride it.  It can be very funny. Golden Gate Park pretty far from down town and I advise you go there by muni but if you like walking very much it will be about 45 minutes by foot. Then you can go to the ocean beach to see the Pacific Ocean and sunbath if weather should be good. You can play soccer, volleyball or something else with other people on the beach.  It is near from the Golden Gate Park and it will be very easy to get there. Also all this places have stunning views and you have a chance to take the great photos. Have a good time! ____________________________________________________________ #2 – Becky and Justin   If you are coming to San Francisco on a budget, here are some great things for you to do. First, you should go to Golden Gate Bridge and see famous bridge in world. It is located … Read more

EC San Francisco Destinations: Castro Theatre

The Castro Theatre is one of the oldest movie theaters in San Francisco. The theater was built in 1922, with a beautiful mixture of Spanish colonial, Chinese, and Italian architecture. The inside of the theater is decorated with murals, an ornate stage curtain and a massive Wurlitzer organ which is played before most movies. Nowadays, the theater plays classic American movies, and visitors can travel back in time to enjoy the traditional American movie experience with a unique San Francisco twist. If you want to see a movie at the Castro Theatre, check the Castro schedule online, or look for the next Night at the Movies on our EC San Francisco Facebook page! The theater is in the heart of San Francisco’s famous Castro District. It’s only a few minutes away on Muni. After the movie, there are plenty of shops, restaurants and bars to enjoy if you and your friends want to stay out late.