Tips on Learning

Advice on Learning English Whether we speak to friends or go out to explore the city or culture, we always learn something new in our day and lives. Learning something new is very interesting but most importantly beneficial. Learning keeps your brain hungry for more knowledge and skills! Check out our tips on learning below: There are numerous ways and tips that will be helpful for your learning career and education. First and foremost is obviously hard work and focus. These two are the basics of everything successful. They are the keys of learning and improving. If you will not focus on your goals, then you cannot achieve them because you don’t prioritize it. Practicing and hands-on work is very important to learn so you have to try to practice on a daily basis. For instance, if you want to learn or perfect your English language, then you must practice it daily using the four skills, reading,listening, speaking and writing. Hard work on the other hand is also very important to achieve your goals. With hard work, you put dedication and time towards your goals which makes them achievable. if you want really to learn something new, you can learn something new every moment! Like for instance through games, TV, talking with someone, listening to others and reading books. There are many other ways where you can learn easily such as speaking with people and going out for adventures. Everyone makes mistake so don’t be afraid of making language mistakes because we always learn from our faults! If you have an interest to learn or improve your English as Second Language then you can learn easily do that by taking our English classes in Vancouver. Contact EC Vancouver or visit our website and social media platforms to learn more about … Read more

Ice Cream cone

Ice Cream in Vancouver

Cool your heart with some of the best Ice Cream in North America Everyone likes ice cream. Do you? I hope you do! Because ice cream is loved in every season of the year. Most people can’t live without eating ice cream because it’s simply delicious and heart-cooling! So, that’s that! Ice cream is arguably one of the best desserts ever invented. There are various flavors of ice cream like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, mint chocolate, pralines and cream and so on. Chocolate is almost everybody’s favorite. If you are craving some good ice cream, then we will tell you a few around Vancouver that carries one of the best in North America. You can find ice creams anywhere in restaurants, shops, ice-cream parlous and convenient stores. Ice Cream in Vancouver However, the Vancouver weather makes it more delicious specially in snow. below are some of the local favorites to eat ice cream: Bella Gelateria: Bella Gelateria is one affordable place for ice cream that carries many special flavors. Did you know that you can taste the flavors before you make your pick? Dairy Queen: Also known as DQ. Dairy queen is the ice cream as well as fast food restaurant. You can find it literally everywhere in the lower mainland. La Casa Gelato:  la casa gelato is the best and most famous place for ice cream, and they have 500 flavours of ice cream. The atmosphere of the shops is very cool. D’oro Gelato & Coffee: D’oro gelato is a great place to eat and hang out. They have not only ice cream, but also great breakfast, dinner, lunch and coffee. Above all, take courses of English in Vancouver and explore the beautiful city of Vancouver and its distinct culture. There are endless places to visit such as hiking trails, … Read more

What makes EC English school special

English School in Vancouver EC Language Centres is an English for international students that offers General English classes as well as test preperation courses like IELTS and Cambridge. EC English school has many branches and locations around the world and in major cities. To name a few, Vancouver, Toronto, London, Montreal, Auckland, Sydney, Washington, Oxford, and New York. Why EC Vancouver? Here in Vancouver, EC is located in the heart downtown just by Dunsmuir street. We have many courses and level like beginner, elementary, advanced, pre-advanced, pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper-intermediate and proficiency. There are many things that makes our school special. Like for instance our customer services, friendly staff, tours and of course the students’ results. There is also an activity calendar where you can participate in the activities weekly. The main thing is that it is close to many amenities like Granville SkyTrain station, Starbucks, 7 eleven, Tim Horton’s and all shops you may need. Our service and staff makes it truly a special moment and a successful experience to any person. Our staff are very helpful and try to do their best for our students. Most of our staff are bilingual and can help the students by speaking in their own language. There are many resources for the students in-house and outside of the school. We have accommodation for students who come from other countries, which can help newcomers to find and stay in Vancouver easily. Nonetheless, EC Vancouver is an English school for international students based in western Canada with locations all around the world. We have levels ranging from basic elementary and beginner, to intermediate, advanced and proficiency. We also have test preparation programs like IELTS and Cambridge to help students progress into a university. Contact us or visit our website to learn more about our ESL … Read more

Why is Canada one of the happiest countries in the world?

Canada is one of the happiest countries in the world. According to many statistics, happiness determines success. But what determines happiness? Happiness is the feeling that you get when are you generally satisfied in your life on a daily basis. With that in mind, Canada is known as one of the the happiest country in the world. It always get ranked in the top 10 happiest countries. Do you know why?! Well, there are many reasons behind this. One is due to the fact that Canadians are satisfied in their lives due to good health, income, safety and racial acceptance no matter the background. They also have strong social ties with families, friends and co-workers that keeps them happy. According to a study done in 2019 by J. Helliwell, R. Layard, and J. Sachs, the trio reviewed data from 1,216 neighbourhoods across the country. Specifically 776 urban and 440 rural neighborhoods.   The study found the following data below :    There is the average on a 0- 10 scale for Canadian satisfaction with the life: All neighbourhoods: 8.04 Rural neighbourhoods: 8.15 Urban neighbourhoods: 7.97 Four of Canada’s 5 happiest regions are rural: Neebing, ON: 8.94 Shippagan, NB: 8.69 Channel- Port aux Basques, NL: 8:63 Hope, BC: 8.62 Anthony, NL and Souris PEI: 8.58   So, these are the reasons that makes Canada the happiest country in the world. Canada is multicultural and also diverse in its communities and backgrounds. Nonetheless, there are many reasons to immigrate to Canada and study here. English is the main language spoken in North America and Canada. French is also the second official langauge in Canada. Study English with EC English Vancouver and EC Language Centres to explore the different opportunities the city of Vancouver has to offer. Our programs vary in levels and … Read more

Vancouver Celebrates French Modernism

Vancouver never disappoints when it comes to arts and culture! The Art Gallery is currently exhibiting sixty French modernist paintings and sculptures to glorify France’s role in the Modernist art movement. The main exhibition includes popular works from artists like Edgar Degas, Claude Monet, Édouard Manet, and many other renowned creators. The French Modernist era is unique because it is breaking out of early modern influences. EC Vancouver is an English School in Vancouver that offers daily tours, activities and free classes to students all year long to help them experience Canadian culture firsthand. Both exhibitions end on May 20th, so make sure you visit them before its too late! In other words, enjoying Canadian culture and art is an excellent way to practice your English skills and use what you’ve learnt in classes! Sign up online using your EC Online account and check out more events happening this week!   Vancouver Art Gallery Website : location : 750 Hornby Street, Vancouver Exhibitions : “Monet to Matisse, 1850-1950” “Affinities : Canadian Artists and France” Ticket Prices : Adults $24 Seniors (65+) $20 Students (with valid ID) $18

Student Testimonial – Marco Aurelio Fernandes

Hi guys! My name is Marco Aurelio, I’m from Brazil and I have studied at EC Vancouver for 3 months. My time here and the experience studying abroad was the best I ever had! There were good teachers to help and support you and the activities to do during the week were awesome. My English is much better! I made a lot new friends, learned about new cultures and my host family made me feel at home the whole time. They were amazing! I loved all the places that I visited in Canada, such as Joffre Lake, Rocky Mountains, Stanley Park, English Bay, Lighthouse Park, Deep Cove and Banff. Vancouver is gorgeous!         I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be here in Vancouver and I hope to come back one day.   Looking for IELTS preparation in Canada?Come to Vancouver and study at EC Vancouver English Centre!  

Student Testimonial: Aysenur Cumali

“Hi EC Vancouver! I’m Aysenur Cumali, I’m from Turkey and I will study at EC Vancouver for 7 months.     EC is like my family, sometimes even closer than. When I arrived in Canada İ was so worried for the next 7 months, but now I realized that I made the best choice of my life. It has been an unforgettable experience since I started here. I’m enjoying my classes a lot, the teachers are wonderful, the city is amazing and Vancouver’s environment is so cool! I came here with basic English and now I can speak to everybody and enjoy everything! My host Family is so friendly and helpful. I love them! At EC Vancouver, İ learned  more than just a language. I had the opportunity to make new friends from other countries and live new experiences. EC was the right choice for me. ” Aysenur Cumali     Are you thinking to study English in Canada? Meet us at EC English Language School in Vancouver!

Monday’s solar eclipse 2017

Next week, Monday, August 21th find your spot and check it out about this unique spectacle in Vancouver! Solar Eclipse happens when the New Moon moves between the Sun and Earth, blocking out the Sun’s rays and casting a shadow on parts of Earth. Source( The website selected 4 great places to check the solar eclipse in Vancouver, BC. Science World has partnered with the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada to offer a free viewing party that runs all day long. Running from 9 a.m. till noon, the event will include eclipse-themed science activities, a viewing party and demonstrations. Eclipse viewers will be available while supplies last. Live coverage of the eclipse will also take place in the Science Theatre from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. Details: The UBC Astronomy Club is hosting its gathering at Robson Square from 9:10 until 11:37 a.m. The club suggests scopes and safety goggles will be available for all attendees. Info online at UBC students and profs will convene at the Department of Physics and Astronomy from 9:30 a.m. until 11:30 a.m. Eclipse viewers and telescopes will be on offer, along with a live streaming and various presentations in the Welcome Centre at the Robert H Lee Alumni Centre. Find info on Facebook at The H.R. MacMillan Space Centre’s event sounds like a doozy. Running from 8:45 a.m. until noon, the by-donation party will include solar telescopes, live streams, sun projections and solar eclipse glasses. During and after the viewing, the Space Centre will be open for special, eclipse-themed shows and activities. Regular rates apply to shows and activities in the main building. Details are online at The partial eclipse will begin in Vancouver at 9:10 a.m., reach its maximum at 10:21 a.m. and end at 11:37 a.m. Source( Planning to come to Canada to improve your English … Read more