Student ambassador Matheus Lins

“The photo shows my first sunny day in Vancouver in winter, haha!” – Matheus Lins, student ambassador. Hey guys, how are you? My name is Matheus Lins, I’m 23 and I’m Brazilian! I’ve been in Vancouver for almost one month and on March 8th I’m going back to Brazil, but no stress, haha, 2019 is my graduation year in Brazil, so, I’m very happy and until March 8th I intend to enjoy all moments in Vancouver. My experience has been incredible so far, starting at school, I could meet many people. Every day I have the opportunity to learn English in Canada with different students and knowing more about their culture and sharing more about what I know. Vancouver became more than I was imagining. To be here is a unique opportunity! Vancouver is special in everything, the streets, the landscapes, the people and how the city works. I think that I would need much more time to really get to know Vancouver! I like the free activities here and my favorite place is Stanley Park! It is so beautiful, Stanley Park is too good to be true. For me, this shows how Canada treats the environment and that makes Vancouver a special city, different from other cities! Besides that, there are other parks here and each one has a special way. I recommend Lynn Canyon Park and Van Dusen Park too. Another thing that I really like is to try different foods and Vancouver is the best place to do this! It’s common to eat fast food and pizza, of course, but sometimes it is worth risking to try different foods. I already tried Japanese food, Vietnamese food, Mexican food, Filipin food etc. Each day is a different adventure and I’m enjoying it to the fullest! Contact EC’s front … Read more


Student Ambassador program

Welcome to your new challenge! English courses in Vancouver offer much more than just the excellent opportunity of improving your English skills. You can be part of our team and work with us on different projects. What do Student Ambassadors do? Student Ambassadors are not only interested in learning English, they are also happy to help other students by answering their general or specific questions. They share their experiences about studying and living in Vancouver and serve as role models to other students. Our Ambassadors assist our student services coordinators and share their feedback with our staff. As a Student Ambassador you will attend meetings with the other Ambassadors and let us know which EC activities you would like to do. If you would like to add new activities to our monthly calendar, your ideas are more than welcome. You are expected to join at least 2 EC activities per month and motivate your friends, classmates and other EC students to join as well. Not only our activities but also other school events are promoted by you. Before leading student activities on your own you will support our student services coordinators when they are leading activities. Student Ambassadors welcome new students and help with translation to low level students. How do Ambassadors benefit from the program? As a Student Ambassador you will gain leadership skills which you can present to your future employer. You will make a lot of friends and be part of our EC school community. There are so many different activities for you to join and you get to speak English outside of your classroom so it will improve a lot. Not only your leadership skills but also your personal and professional skills will develop positively. How to apply? If you’re friendly, outgoing and accountable, we would … Read more