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Our Covid Commitment EC Academy

The safety, welfare and wellbeing of our students has always been our number one priority, never more than during the current global pandemic.

Our experienced operational team has been working hard to ensure additional, relevant, measures are in place for our EC Academy students in 2021.

Adapt. Develop. Remain Positive. Have Fun.

All staff are trained to deliver fun and effective summer school programmes. This year we are also including specific training on how to ensure students have fun and remain safe whilst working within the constraints of social distancing and Covid-19.

In addition, we are introducing a designated Covid-Coordinator for each of our locations. This person is responsible for overseeing all Covid-19 testing requirements, possible isolation, and medical assistance related to Covid-19. They will work in coordination with our existing Welfare Managers and first aiders on site.

Safety While Learning

Student temperatures taken every day at the start of lessons

All classes risk assessed to ensure they comply with Covid-19 and social distancing requirements

Classroom furniture arranged to minimise risk of transmission and ensure social distancing is achievable

Hand sanitiser available in all classrooms

 Face coverings, face masks and face shields worn in line with all local Government Guidelines

Signs posted prominently throughout the school as a reminder of the importance of social distancing and hygiene

No shared resources in any of our classrooms. All books will be sanitised and quarantined between use

Online testing and induction to avoid larger indoor gatherings

All students will remain in the same class and same seat to ensure quick tracing is available

Safety While Playing

Covid-Secure programmes readily available for all our locations should they be necessary

 Replacements for firm favourites such as karaoke and discos

 Regular cleaning of all sports equipment before, after and during activity sessions

A move to majority, outdoor activities to minimise risk of transmission and maximise safe fun!

 Covid-19 risk assessments for all activities and excursions

Safety While Exploring

 Numbers in private transport vehicles limited to follow any local guidelines in place during your stay with us

Hand sanitiser provided for all students as they board coaches for their trips

Additional preparation in classes for all trips to ensure no handouts necessary

Where travel cards are used, these will not be handed out as usual but managed by our staff to minimise any risk of cross-contamination

Safety While Resting, Eating and Sleeping

Additional deep cleaning in all our host partner restaurants, cafeterias, and accommodation

Increased and regular cleaning of all our communal areas and high touchpoint areas, such as door handles

Clearly defined areas and timetables for each 'bubble' to relax, eat and sleep in, to derisk cross-contamination

Agreements with all host partners to manage the safe distribution of food during your stay

 Hand sanitiser available in all eating spaces with staggered timings for each 'bubble' to minimise queues and large crowds

Safety in general

Floor markings giving clear guidance on social distancing

Hand sanitisers stationed throughout our centres

Regular, vigorous cleaning practices will ensure our centres are as safe as possible for you

EC Academy staff will work in strict dedicated bubbles with no cross over in accommodation or the programme

EC Academy will follow local protocols for any staff or students who may show symptoms of, or test positive for, COVID-19


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