EC trip to Westminster Abbey

We recently asked for suggestions about the type of places people would like to visit as part of our Social Programme…and a visit to Westminster Abbey was proposed by a number of people together with a perennial favourite, Covent Garden.

So on Friday 11th we combined both venues and on a clear afternoon set out from the School via the colour and buzz of Covent Garden. Some of the group couldn’t quite resist a visit to the shops and we also had time for a quick stop to enjoy the street entertainers. We then walked on through Trafalgar Square and having been surrounded by tourists, it was such a contrast to see the office workers going in and out of the Government buildings as we walked down Whitehall and past the famous Lifeguards Barracks. Our next stop was Parliament Square where lots of photographs were taken of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. We even saw some MP’s going in to their building.

By then we were ready to visit Westminster Abbey and for those who had never been before, the age, history and architecture of the Abbey were enough to reduce us all to hushed tones. There was so much to see. The tombs of kings, queens and many famous people…as well as contemporary displays and exhibitions. The architecture spanning a thousand years of existence made a deep impression. It seemed only a matter of minutes before we realised that an hour and a half had passed and as time was getting on we all joined up for a coffee and to chat over our reactions and experiences and to speculate on the royal wedding that would take place there in April.

What a great way to start the weekend.