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Choosing a language school – What does the price include?

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So you’ve decided the best way to improve your English while having an amazing experience is to study abroad. So what happens next?

Once you have chosen the country and city you want study in, the next step is to choose a school. Because this kind of trip is something you may only do once in your life, it’s essential you make the best choice possible.

There’s one way to make sure you do, and that’s by contacting schools and talking to those who can help you make the best plans and choices. Schools have student counsellors or advisors whose job it is to answer your questions.

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One important question to ask is:

What does the price include?

Asking how much a course costs and then choosing the cheapest school is not the best way to find your school. Going by the cheapest price is fine if you are happy to be in an old building with no decent facilities, miles from anywhere in the wrong part of town!

Instead ask, ‘What is included in the price?’,and assess whether or not you are being offered exceptional value for money. Your goal is to ensure you are getting maximum benefit from the service the school is offering in return for the money they are charging you.

Are you willing to pay a little extra for a great looking school in an amazing location with superb teachers and modern facilities? You are going to be spending a lot of time in school so be somewhere you feel comfortable, well supported and happy.

One thing to be aware of is additional charges. For example, some schools may ask you to pay for your textbooks once you get to school. You need to be aware of any extra charges.

Apart from checking to see if textbooks are included, here are some other examples of extras that can be offered in the course price. The key is to find out if you are getting more than just lessons for your money.




Social programme
Good schools provide free activities to ensure you have fun, make new friends and get the most out of your destination.

Free extra sessions
A school that is really dedicated to student success may offer free additional English workshops and lessons.

Local discounts
Will being a student at a particular school entitle you to discounts at local shops, restaurants and tourist attractions?

School facilities
What facilities can you use as a student? Does the school offer extras like free Wi-Fi, academic resources such as a library, quiet areas for doing homework or extra study, or comfortable lounges for socialising?

And don’t forget to enquire about any available special offers!

Watch this space for the second most important question to ask before booking. Or download our FREE Guide with TOP questions to ask every school before booking an English course. 

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