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London: Fun facts and Useful Info

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Students learning English in London

Have you just moved to London to learn English and are still getting used to the city? If you have, we’ve prepared a very useful list for you with all information you need to know to make your life easier, including emergency numbers, website links, and the TOP 7 APPS to use during your experience in the city.

Info about London:

  • English sockets are different from other European and US sockets, so make sure to get the right adaptor
  • Cars drive on the left side of the road, so remember to look right first before you cross the street
  • It can rain at any time, so be prepared with an umbrella or a rain coat
  • Black cabs are cool but expensive, so call a registered cab company and get better rates
  • English breakfast is cheaper before 11:00
  • Tower Bridge and London Bridge are not the same thing

Emergency Numbers:

  • Ambulance: 999
  • Police: 999
  • Fire-fighters: 999

Useful Links

London subway

Useful Smartphone Apps

  • The Tube Map
  • The Trainline (for booking and checking live departures for trains)
  • Barclays Bike App (if you want to hire bikes)
  • London Events Guide
  • City Mapper
  • Hailo (for black cabs)
  • Vouchercloud (for discounts)

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