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10 Ways to Practise English in New York

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Learn English in New York

The busy streets of New York offer many fantastic opportunities to practise; let’s take a look at 10 ways to challenge your knowledge of the language and learn to use it in a variety of real-life situations.

1. Spend Time at the New York Public Library

The key to mastering a language is practice, so where could you go to practise your reading, listening, and speaking skills? The New York Public Library in Manhattan, of course! Here, you have access to an enormous collection of books, journals, magazines, and DVDs, and you’ll probably meet new people and perhaps even make a few new friends too! Find more information about the New York Public Library on their official website:

2. Meet Up with New Yorkers

Join a ‘meetup group’ to get to know like-minded people and brush up your English skills. There are plenty of groups devoted to bringing together individuals with the same goal as you – to enhance their language skills in great company. In these language groups, you can meet local New Yorkers willing to help you with your grammar and pronunciation. You can find more information at

3. Go on a Walking Tour

With all the amazing sights to see and things to do in New York, you can practise your English skills by simply stepping outside. If you’re looking to explore the city, check out Free Tours by Foot. They offer guided walking tours of New York, and the best thing about it is that you only pay what-you-wish for it! If you’ve enjoyed the walking tour, leave your tour guide a nice tip to let them know you appreciated their work. You’ll not only boost your English listening skills, but you’ll also learn more about the historic city. Find out more

4. Have a Drink at The Third Man

Friday night is perfect for striking up conversation with a stranger. You might be wondering how going to a bar could possibly improve your English, but the answer is straightforward – making friends requires conversation. With the weekend on the horizon and a long week of work behind them, New Yorkers love to let their hair down with a drink and a good time. The Third Man is a lively bar in lower Manhattan, located in trendy East Village. The U-shaped bar boasts cosy spots and is popular among tourists and locals alike.

5. Check Out The Museum of Modern Art

If you love all things artsy, the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA for short) is the place to be. As you admire the stunning works of art, you can read the annotations next to the artwork, or get an English audio guide to target your listening skills!

6. Play Games in Central Park

A game of chess won’t just challenge your tactical skills, but will also give you the chance to practise your English. You can talk to your opponent while you play at The Chess & Checkers House in Central Park, a fun place to play board games with new people. If you’re not a fan of chess, you can try your luck at dominoes or backgammon instead.

7. Take a Tour of the Brooklyn Brewery

Head down to the Brooklyn Brewery for a free tour during the weekend to enjoy a relaxing pint while practising your skills. You can listen to the history of the brewery and learn about the art of brewing beer, all while you expand your vocabulary and improve your listening skills.

8. Have a Laugh at a Stand-Up Show

New York is home to some of the best comedians of all time; Jerry Seinfeld, Howard Stern and Louis C.K. have all made their name here. Stand-up shows are great for learning the little quirks of the English language and getting used to different accents. The stand-up comedy scene in New York is rich, with everything from big sold-out shows to late night comedy hours at local bars.

9. Read at Barnes & Noble

The Barnes & Noble bookstore on the Fifth Avenue is the ideal place to find a book that will have you hooked. You can even read the books on their designated sofas, and enjoy free Wi-Fi!

10. Browse Chelsea Market

Shopping for food is a great way to improve your English skills. The 800 ft. long Chelsea Market has more fruits and vegetables than you can imagine.

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