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Exam Success? Academic English.

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Stepping into the world of higher education is an exciting (and sometimes scary!) experience; it’s your chance to meet new people, explore new surroundings, and broaden your cultural and intellectual horizons. If one of your goals in life is to study at a top English-speaking university, then a course in Academic English is the place to prepare for your journey.


Exam Success? Academic English


Learning English at one of our EC English language Centres will give you the tools and confidence needed to reach your potential and achieve academic success. Our Academic English programme allows students to focus on key skills like writing assignments, listening to lectures, taking notes effectively, and giving presentations.

The course is perfect for students who:

  • Are interested in attending university in an English-speaking country
  • Want a rigorous course focusing on academic speaking, reading, and writing
  • Want to ease the transition into higher education


Sample Week

Topic: ‘Climate Change’

Monday – Read a text about climate change. Review vocabulary and answer comprehension questions.

Tuesday – Group discussion on climate change. Focus on turn taking, expressing opinions, agreeing and disagreeing.

Wednesday – Group debate. In teams debate if governments should legislate in order to curb climate change.

Thursday – Is it the government’s responsibility to curb industry and individuals? Pick a side in the climate change debate and write a 5 paragraph essay with examples.

Friday – Peer edit each other’s essays, giving feedback on content and organisation of the argument.

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