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Best English school in Malta?

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Looking around on YouTube recently, we came across this cool video Charlotte (@chacharmante) made about her time learning English in Malta. Excited to hear more about her EC experience, we got in touch. Check out her video and read our short interview with Charlotte.

Why did you choose Malta?
My two best friends and I chose to go to Malta because we knew someone who had gone to EC Malta last summer, and she kept telling us how great her summer was. As this sounded awesome, we decided to go there.

What did you like about the school?
I liked the fact that we were all in the same school, and that the classes weren’t always the same ; the groups could change.

What did you think about your classmates?
They were all very nice and it was awesome to meet people from all around the world. Moreover, I think it really allowed me to progress in English as we couldn’t talk in our own language.

What did you think about your English lessons and the activities the school provided?
The English lessons were very great, groups were homogeneous and we could talk a lot. The teachers were very nice and fun, so working wasn’t an annoying task. It permitted me to meet lots of people. The activities the school provided were very fun ; we had a pool party, cruises, we went to an aquatic park… but I wish we had visited the island a little bit more.

What did you like about Malta?
The things I liked the most about Malta were that we met lots of people, we learnt English but we were having a lot of fun and enjoying our holidays being kind of free.

What’s your happiest memory?
I think my happiest memory was the Harbor cruise ; the boat was so cool, the weather was awesome and we could swim in the sea, jumping from the boat. The sea was beautiful, it was great.

Thank you, Charlotte!


If any of you have pictures or videos you made during your time with EC, remember to hashtag #ecexperience so we can enjoy them too.

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