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Free English Lesson: Halloween Vocabulary

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Halloween is coming up quickly! This holiday falls on October 31 each year, and is always filled with candy, costumes and parties. Traditionally, children dress in costumes and go door-to-door in their neighbourhood with their parents, while people at home pass out candy to children in costumes. Check out our vocabulary words below and let us know in the comments how many words you already knew!

Easy Halloween Vocabulary

Ghost (noun) – the spirit of someone who has died. Ex. ‘There is a ghost in my bedroom!’

Costume (noun) – a set of clothes typical of a historical time or country, or person. Ex. ‘I can’t wait to wear my new Halloween costume to the party.’

Spooky (adjective) – ghostly in a way that makes someone uncomfortable. Ex. ‘This place is really spooky.’

Zombie (noun) – a dead person who has come back to life. Ex. ‘Do you want to go see the new zombie movie tonight?’

Medium Halloween Vocabulary

Trick or Treat (verb) – the act of children going door-to-door asking for candy. Ex. ‘Have you seen the kids trick or treating tonight?’

Tombstone (noun) – a large flat stone placed above a grave, usually with some kind of inscription. Ex. ‘Did you see the tombstone decorations at the Halloween party?’

Terrifying (adjective) – extremely scary. Ex. ‘That haunted house was terrifying!’

Morbid (adjective) – related to unpleasant subjects like death and disease. Ex. ‘I thought that movie was a bit morbid.’

Hard Halloween Vocabulary

Apparition (noun) – a ghost or something that has the appearance of a ghost. Ex. ‘David saw an apparition in the dark last night.’

Bogeyman (noun) – an evil spirit, often referred to when speaking to children. Ex. ‘Are you still scared of the bogeyman?’

Masquerade (noun) – a party where everyone wears masks. Ex. ‘We can go to the masquerade tonight.’

Poltergeist (noun) – a ghost that causes physical disruptions like throwing objects and making loud noises. Ex. ‘It sounds like there is a poltergeist downstairs.’


How many of these words did you know?

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