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Malta is the ideal place to learn English for any age student

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Choose a Malta English school for your study-abroad trip for a unique experience. With a reputed 300 days of sunshine, easy to get around and called a Living Museum where you are always 20 minutes at most from the Mediterranean Sea, Malta is a spectacular destination all year around. 

The weather allows for major international events to take place every month with music festivals from every, and I mean EVERY, genre scheduled. Baroque to Blues and with a major artist visiting at least once a year, whenever you choose to study, there will be musical highlights to enjoy. Cinemas and Theatres perform in English and exhibitions also present their shows in the language; since it is one of the Island’s official tongues. 

EC Malta is a few hundred meters from the beach and on the way are numerous eateries and entertainment venues. Why not take up a water sport like diving, kayaking, sailing or surfing while you are here too? 

Classes are scheduled in the morning or afternoon, so there will always be time to explore, take part in activities and of course, do your homework…. This is actually important. The success of our students relies on them attending 90% of their classes and handing in homework too. It’s because of our methodology and standards that we are repeated winner of awards and also attract returning students who are continuing their journey. 

The local university has free lectures that are open to the public; maybe you’ll discover love for a new subject while here? 

The food is cosmopolitan and although a tiny island, you can eat from almost any country and there are also grocery stores and supermarkets that cater for the bigger populations.

Finding Asian, India, South American, Filipino or Italian food is commonplace. English food and shops are also in abundance – you could be mistaken for thinking you are in a London suburb in the main shopping centres! 

The school hosts around 600 students at a time from all over the world; new friendships are waiting to be made! During classes, you have the chance to work tother and after classes there are all sorts of adventures awaiting. The school itself offers various tours, extra classes and meet ups for dinner for example. These all encourage you to speak English with your new friends while maximising your time on the islands. 

A wide variety of classes is offered from General English, IELTS and TOEFL exam preparation, a full academic year course and then English for Work too. For those aged 30+, there’s General English, English for Work and Business English Mini Group classes too. There is a separate area for the 30+ students to relax in and use the free wi-fi to check In with their work if necessary. Learning the language is just one benefit for this age group; students also network with peers for different industries form around the world and get a global insight and have the chance to have meaningful discussions about topics that affect them as well as have insight to another culture. 

For two weeks in May and September, we also offer classes for those aged 50+ with a full activity calendar whereby the emphasis is on speaking the language. Excursions are planned to see the rich history of Malta and as in all cases, you are not alone if you don’t choose to be! 

We have 20 other locations – all with their own merits, so have a look around the destinations and see which one best suits you. 

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