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On the move but still want to Improve your English? Flexi Track is for you. 

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Communication is key in business and more so in a remote working environment where accurate communication is critical to get tasks completed without hassle – being a freelancer or working from home – adds a layer of complexity so ensuring you are understood goes a long way to securing another commission and to securing this way of life. 

Run at the EC Cambridge English school, which is in the heart of this quintessential English city, Flexi Track gives the opportunity to be close to startups in the close by community of Silicon Fen and access to the experience, resources and extra activities offered in the locality. 

Digital nomads aren’t constrained by their work or their surroundings – but sometimes are by their language skills. Being able to understand and speak English means they can work anywhere and meet like—minded individuals in their lifestyle community and be able to max out their time in their current location – as much of the communication is in English and the meet up notifications are too – and now there is a solution for learning English in a way that fits your lifestyle. 

The Flexi Track programme offers 12 General English lessons per week combined with four private One-to-One lessons to focus on your individual language needs, plus optional Special Focus Classes to really maximise your time abroad. Needs Analysis completed on your first day identifies the areas you want to strengthen, and you will also have your One-to-One teacher assigned. 

The programme covers General English lessons in multinational classes with additional one-to-one lessons to focus exactly on what you need. Attending a course like this enables you to meet and mingle with other students on the same course and on other exchange programmes too. Students are from around the world with differing backgrounds giving you the opportunity to network as well as build personal connections. 

The Flexi Track programmes are available as a Standard or an Intensive package. Both programmes are available with start dates of any Monday. 

The Flexi Track Standard programme offers; 

12 General English Lessons 

4 One-to-One Lessons per week 

15 students per class maximum 

Flexi Track Intensive options delivers: 

12 General English Lessons 

10 Special Focus Classes 

4 One-to-One Lessons per week  

15 students per class maximum 

You can also supplement your learning with our EC Live offering which are online but with a live tutor delivering the lesson in a group or one to one setting. 

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