Palindromes explained with examples

Have you ever heard of The Sator Square? It is a very old stone with Latin writing on it. It says:  “Sator Arepo Tenet Opera Rotas“  (This means, “The sower Arepo holds with effort the wheels”)   The interesting thing about this Latin sentence is, that it is an ancient example of a palindrome; a word […]

EC Live – what is it? All about our online English courses

*EC Live offers you the same in-school EC curriculum adapted for online delivery. You will be taught by experienced, professional EC teachers, and learn English live online, with fellow students.   You may choose to do learn online because of time or cost – or even before you join an in-person course at one of our […]

What is IELTS exam

IELTS a bridge, not an obstacle I remember teaching an IELTS exam course class many years ago. We sat down and discussed why they were taking the exam. For all of them, it was to get into university, but I realized as we talked that there was a common feeling amongst them all. It was […]

Summer reading to improve your English 

What is better than time to yourself to read? A new book is a whole new adventure waiting to be discovered. New characters to meet, new places to imagine, and new lessons to learn.  Although we spend so much time online now, there are ways to use the internet for ‘reading’. There is of course […]

Learn homonyms: know the difference? Part 2

Further to part one of this series on homonyms, there are more words that have similar sounds but completely different meanings and spellings. These are the sorts of things you will gain confidence in when you learn English abroad with EC!   How many of these homonyms do you know? aid - assist, assistance     aide - one […]

English language vocabulary for Marketing 

Being able to effectively communicate in English is an important skill for many professional careers. Research shows that 64% of staff have the English skills needed to succeed in their role and the sectors this is most important in are Banking, Finance and Law.  Being able to speak and read English are the top skills […]

What can we say about taking an English course in Los Angeles?

There are many reasons to learn English; career, relationships, hobbies are a few.  Choosing the right location from all that are on offer though, can be tough. Many factors can influence your choice. City / Beach / Weather / Culture and your own future goals too. If you are interested in movies or working in […]

What are homonyms? See these examples 

There are lots of words in the English language which sound the same but are spelled differently and have entirely another meaning. They are called homonyms. Here are a few to know.   Examples of Homonyms ad - advertisement  add - combine     advice - guidance  advise - recommend     altar –  table in church  alter – to change       […]

STN Magazine talks to Ana Helena Caldas, university pathways manager at EC English

Bridging the gap between language learning and university study, EC’s university pathway programmes in Canada continued to attract students even when borders were closed and travel was limited, as Nicola Hancox of STN Magazine found out. The idea of improving language skills before starting university appeals to hundreds of thousands of international students each year. […]

Examples of differences between British and American English you need to know

Do you get confused with American English and British English? There’s a famous scene in the 1937 film ‘Shall we Dance?’ with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers on roller-skates in Central Park having a discussion (as a song) with the different pronunciations of words like: Either Neither Potato Tomato Pyjamas Laughter After Havana Banana Don’t […]