Spotlight On: Learning English in Miami

    How would you like some good news to start off the year? Well, look no further, as EC Miami is reopening in March 2021 and getting back to what it does best – teaching you English! Miami, Florida has long been a popular destination for travellers and language learners alike. The locals speak […]

Learning English in Malta by Sara from Spain

What’s it like learning English in Malta at times like these? Sara from Spain talks us through her experience as an EC Malta student. I have been at EC English school for a month and a half and I could not have chosen a better place to improve my level of English. Every day we […]

Happy student, Lucas, reviews our Cambridge English School

What’s it like learning English in Cambridge during covid and lockdown? EC Cambridge student Lucas shares his experiences of our English school. “My name is Lucas, I was a student of EC Cambridge from February to April before the first lockdown started and I always liked to study English at this school. I’m very happy […]

Why you need your camera on in an EC Online Lesson

During EC Virtual classes, we ask all students to have their cameras on. The reasons for having cameras on in live online learning lessons are simple: we make judgments based on facial expressions and body language and we decide if someone understands or if they are confused or if they are bored using those expressions. […]

Hear what our students are saying about EC Virtual

Hit play to watch a few words from some of our EC Virtual students and hear what they have to say about their experience learning English online. With EC Virtual you can bring our classroom inside your home, and learn English online live with our experienced teachers and classmates from all over the world. Visit […]

Student José reviews our online English programme

EC Virtual, our online English classes, are designed to help you improve your level, interact, and collaborate with international students, and receive assessment, guidance and feedback from your English teacher. Improving your English will give you more opportunities in life. Here’s a review from Jose, from Spain, who wisely decided to learn English online when […]

Why study English in London with people from all over the world

Here’s why you should study English in London with people from all over the world. London is a city that needs no introduction: London is the perfect combination of history, culture and entertainment. Not surprisingly, it is the number one destination for those who study the English language and it may be the right place […]

Learning English in Malta means immersing yourself in a unique culture

Choose your course and pack your suitcase, EC is waiting for you. Make a conscious and targeted choice for your future. Is the idea of ​​going on a study trip and dreams of being able to study in an exotic and original place, perhaps on an island, getting more and more in your head? So […]

Our Malta English school has reopened

A warm, welcome back to all our EC Malta students! We’ve missed you! Classes resumed on 6th July 2020 and we were so excited to be back and to have students learning at our Malta English school again. Below are some photos from our reopening week. EC Malta is the orginal, largest and most popular […]