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Why studying with multinational students is a good thing 

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With students from 140 countries, EC English language Centres classrooms are an interesting mix of cultures and accents, and a great place to learn English. 

Here’s why: 

  1. Learning a language isn’t just about knowing the words and grammar. You need to practice using the language in different situations with different people. You won’t always talk to just one person.  
  1. You can easily get used to one particular accent or voice – which may make you comfortable, but won’t help when you have to go to the outside world and talk to many people from many places. 
  1. When you talk to other students, you’ll have to work harder to understand and be understood. This improves your communication skills. 

Speaking a common language 

Language teachers are good at understanding students from all over the world. They can interpret different accents and ways of speaking and will be able to break down difficult words and errors common to a language, so you can confidently build your vocabulary. 

If you’re not moving to an English-speaking country, you’ll mostly talk with others who also use English as a second language. Practicing with classmates gives you valuable experience for these real-world conversations, so make the most of break times and instead of seeking out your own country nationals, find friends from across the globe to converse with. 

Many students prefer talking to their teacher instead of other students as they think they won’t learn much from someone at their own level. But, learning English is about communicating with different people in real-life situations, like work or travel.  

Our goal is to prepare students to succeed globally. Working with other students is key to improving language skills, understanding the world, and communicating well. 

How does this work in online classes with EC Live? 

We use special activities where you work with a partner. After each lesson, you’ll spend time with a partner, with clear goals for each session. 

You can choose what to focus on, learn to evaluate your progress, and give feedback to your partner. You’ll practice meaningful conversations and become a better learner. 

Our international classes let you talk to people from other countries and languages. You’re less likely to speak English with those who speak your native language! 

So, when your teacher asks you to talk to a partner, remember it’s an important part of learning and you never know, you might make a life-long friend! 

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