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Camila's Testimonial

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Camila Amin (2)

My first day at EC Covent Garden English School was fantastic, there were a lot of people from different countries.

Seeing all these people together makes one realise that English is the world language!” It’s possible to talk with who you want.

The school team was professional and respectable and if you have difficulty in speaking fluently, they consider your level and your goals.

I appreciate each person working there.

Thanks to all my colleagues (general and business class), teachers (John, Adam, Matt..) and staff, the environment at school is like feeling almost at home.

Camila Amin (3)
The first day, everybody was nervous, anxious. It’s the beginning of a new journey… I would just like to make a suggestion about the first day, the test applied could be separated into groups. You can listen better to each student calmly.

Camila Amin 1 

Camila (Brazilian)

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