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St David's Day is coming your way!

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What’s coming up in March?

Do you love to socialise? If so, then here are two days that you can be part of next month.

Learn about what these days mean, some fun facts and how to improve your English below.

St David’s Day 

 improve your English by learning about British culture on an adult English course in EC Covent Garden 30+

When is it?

On the first day of March we celebrate St David’s day in honour of the Saint David of Wales who died on that day in 589 AD.

Who is St David?

He was a Celtic monk who lived in the 16th Century and spread the word of the religion Christianity across Wales. His most famous story is of him standing on a hill and preaching about Christianity… then the ground on which he was standing rose up… and the huge crowd could hear his words.

How do British people celebrate this day?

Some children wear the national dress of Wales which is a tall black hat and a red cloak.

Most people mark this day by wearing the Welsh emblem which is a small daffodil or leek. You usually see magnificent yellow daffodils at the start of Spring which is a very exciting occasion for British people! Why? Because the sun is coming! Goodbye Winter!

Want to hold your own Welsh dinner party?

Welsh cuisine is wonderful! Try making ‘Cawl’ a dish made with lamb & a mixture of Welsh vegetables like leeks & swede and of course a fusion of herbs like rosemary, thyme & parsley.


If you’d like to improve your English, follow this link and learn more about English parties!

What can EC students do to celebrate St David’s?

London loves different cultures & celebrating them to the maximum! You can be in the heart of it all.  Near to EC Covent Garden is London’s Welsh centre for live music, sample Welsh food & beer. The week’s celebrations start on Monday 2nd March and continue for a week (157-163 Gray’s Inn Rd)

4 Fabulous Facts about Wales:

  • The capital is Cardiff
  • A fiery red dragon appears on the famous Welsh flag
  • The Welsh word for Wales is ‘Cymru’
  • The letters: K, Q, V & Z do not appear in the Welsh language!


If you’d like to improve your English, meet new people and check out the wonderful sights of London, why not think about taking some English classes for adults in the UK?!

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