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Pia is studying English in EC LONDON 30+. She's done very well on her adult English course

One of our lovely students, Pia, studying at EC LONDON 30+ decided she wanted to do some extra writing outside of her usual class time as she is preparing for an exam in the future. We sat down and I directed her towards some self-study books. After just a few days, she came back to me with the following article, which I was so impressed with, I decided to put up on our blog for you guys to read. Thank you very much, Pia, for allowing us to share your work and well done.


With music – a new awareness of life

It’s important to have something that the mental and morale healthy balance, isn’t it? For me, definitely yes! I play the saxophone…  that and music are my soul doctors.

The beginning: It was Saturday and my son had to complete a musical instrument parcours. All my effort for trying the saxophone collapsed. I was so disappointed because I like the lovely sound the music makes. My son preferred the “Schwyzeroergeli” a traditional Swiss folk instrument. I don’ like this kind of music, but his eyes twinkled and he loved to play it. I unwillingly accepted his decision.

On the same day, the music/saxophone teacher, asked me to try the saxophone. At first I thought, “It’s impossible to learn a musical instrument as an adult, but after my first music lesson I was sure… I will!

Now this was 5 years ago… I love to play the saxophone. If I feel unhappy, exhausted or unsatisfied I play the saxophone and I know through music everything is going to be alright.


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