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New intern at EC London 30+

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My name is Myriam, I am French and I come from Grenoble. I am studying Foreign Languages Applied to Business and for my 3rd and last year of my degree I decided to go abroad, more precisely to London, the city of Queen Elizabeth.

I am currently working as an intern in EC London 30+ reception. My main tasks are to welcome new students and help them out if they have any concerns. Moreover EC London 30+ offers manifold activities to the students and that is why part of my job includes promoting those events and updating the official websites of EC London.

The people working in EC London are all very nice and mindful, as for the working environment it is very welcoming. Some of the new students struggle a lot with English when they first come, but the EC London 30+ team is a multicultural team so do not worry, you’ll always find someone who speaks your language.

I have chosen to do my internship in Great Britain because I wanted to improve my English and discover a new city. When I first arrived to London, the first thing that disrupted me were cars and buses riding on the left side of the road ! Maybe I’ll get used to this with time, who knows …

Today is my first week in London and I did not get the time to visit a lot (expect from the underground obviously).

Despite that I am determined to visit every street corner of LONDON!

Other languages: French, Spanish, Arabic.

Favourite movies: Harry Potter, The Green Mile.

Favourite singers: Sam Cooke, Jorja Smith, Joy Crookes, Etta James.

Would you also like to experience this journey ? Then let’s join us and Learn English in London !

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