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Student Services Intern Kazuki Iwata Shares his Experience at EC Boston

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Our Student Services Intern, Kazuki, is leaving on Friday to go back to Japan. Here’s his final blog post!


First of all, if you want to know why I decided to start to work here and who I am, please watch old blog about myself. My internship program will finish on 9/13, Friday so I decided to write the last EC Blog about my experience.

My Experience

To tell the truth, when I started to work here, I had only anxiousness. Despite of no knowledges about EC Boston, I wondered whether I can break the ice with staffs and students. Of course, because of no knowledges, I thought that I cannot support students. However, EC staffs welcomed me warmly and taught me jobs kindly so it didn’t take much time to get used to EC Boston. When I was able to answer the students’ questions and students said to me “Thank you.”, I was very glad and felt the rewarding. Through not only working but also participating in staff activities and student activities, I found corporate culture. Especially, staff activity of Karaoke and Niagara Falls Tour were the most wonderful for me. They were very fantastic! Thanks for staffs, students and activities, I was able to make much precious memories.


I don’t know whether I contributed to EC Boston or not. Probably, I might have been only burden or annoyance of EC. However, I was able to do the precious experience here. I found many findings by experiencing not student’s side but staff’s and teacher’s side. After that, I’ll start to study in my Japanese university. Through this internship, I thought that I need to improve my English skills and want to work at the place which connects the United States and Japan. Moreover, internship in the United States is not common in Japan so I want to spread that to the next generations in Japan. This is the unforgettable memory. Thanks for all. I hope that your study will make it well. \(^o^)/

– Kazuki Iwata

EC Boston Goodbye Kazuki

It’s safe to say, Kazuki has made countless positive contributions at EC Boston. Staff, teachers, and students will all miss him. You can consider us a very proud boston esl school. Best of luck to you Kazuki, and please don’t forget about us!

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