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Chocolate cakes make life easier

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Gooood Morning everyone!!

What a surprise to find a massive chocolate cake today in the staff room! One of our lovely teachers must have made it…probably Ben??? mmm yum yum!!

A part from cakes, this week is going really well so far! Most of our students are back in EC after the Christmas holidays and the school is getting busy again. Really pleased to meet the new guys and girls who just joined us this week from all over the world 🙂 They’re going to our Bristol Orientation tour today to discover the secrets and wonders of this town 😀
Weather is quite warm (good for them!), which is a bit weird considering it’s January and last winter was freezing cold…!! All good anyway, one more reason to stay out, do things, have fun!

Right then, I’d better get back to work and, of course, to my slice of cake..ha! 🙂

have a great day

Fabi xxx

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