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What our EC Bristol students like the most about Bristol?

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Our EC centre based in Bristol,  conducted a survey about what our wonderful students like the most about Bristol.

Each of our EC students, studying a lower or upper Intermediate level English course in Bristol, answered our questions with great enthusiasm.


  • Lively Vibrant City Full of Youth,
  • Shopping Areas,
  • Green city,
  • Street Arts,
  • St Nicholas Market which is a market full of stands selling different national dishes.

We have the pleasure of sharing the answers of 9 EC Bristol students, please read below.


– A city full of youth coming from all walks of life (that’s awesome!)

– A green city: plenty of parks and of course we can’t forget the famous and magnificent Suspension Bridge.

– Pubs with live music

– St Nicholas Market

– The shopping area: Broadmead, Cabot Circus.lucia

Christelle & Mattia

–  A green city: Brandon Hill and Cabot tower.

– Clifton Village

– Streets arts

– The shopping area: Cabot Circus

– To have a coffee in a typical English tea room.

Oksana & Deniz

– A green city: parcs.

– Street Arts: graffiti, particularly Banksy graffiti.

– The shopping centre.

– Bristol Zoo.

–  the Harbourside’s sunset.Zaki & Rodwan

– A multicultural city full of youth.

– The shopping area.

– English pastry and all kind of desserts.

– Bristol Zoo

– Sport Facilities

Silvia (unfortunately she didn’t want to have her photo taken)

– A lively and vibrant city full of youth.

– The riverside with its swans.

– Pubs (particularly Molloy’s pub).

– Friendly people.

Marcelo (unfortunately he didn’t want to have his photo taken)

– Pubs (Blue Lagoon, White Hart).

– St Nicholas Market.

– The shopping area in Park Street.

– Club (Agora).

Thanks to all the participants!

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