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Alejandro sharing his thoughts and feelings on playing football at EC Bristol

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I'd like to begin by saying that, though I have tried to play this sport lots of times in my life, I'm not very good at all. However I have to admit that playing football with EC is one of the best experiences that I got regarding to this topic.

Why? Well. First and foremost this activity is more than just about going to show off your football skills.

On the contrary, it is all about enjoying the moment. Share the experience of playing with and against other people from other countries while you meet up mates and make new friends.

I remember when there was a tournament between all of the EC schools in the UK. We didn't win but, to be honest, my team and I enjoyed it so much that it would be wonderful to encourage more activities like this one and give the chance to others to experience it. To put it simply, it was great!

Last but not least, I just want to say to thank you for making it possible. It's really nice to be in a school which has such high quality and also has something else to offer to its students. Well done!

Alejandro Piedrahita Z.312221_10201203783958135_718039164_n


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