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Follow Augustin Pizon on his graffiti tour!

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Augustin Pizon, an EC Bristol student in Low Intermediate English class, would like to share his graffiti tour experience with you.


Bristol is one of the best places for graffiti street art. A city with a population of approximately 420 000 habitants, it‘s the obligatory way for all the artists who want to be famous. Although, the Bristol Council use the graffiti to attract the tourists and it has organised a festival of graffiti since 2011. In fact Bristol’s famous due to “Banksy” a UK artist known in the world of the graffiti but also by normal people. Banksy has made his success with shocking and provocative art.


We’ll do the graffiti tour of Bristol which I did a couple of weeks after 2014. First we went to go by Clifton road to see one of the most graffitied areas of Bristol. Painted by Banksy, the pictures have been vandalised and in part restored.

After that we went in the direction of St Pauls in spite of its bad reputation. It’s a fantastic playing place for the artists who give free rein to their imagination.

These are just a few photos I had taken but I enjoyed my time in this part of the city that I didn’t know. If you pass by Clifton road you must go to St Pauls to see that. I am sure you will enjoy your time and discover lots about street Art.

pic4To finish we walked in the direction of Cabot Circus Shopping Centre to see the graffiti festival where more than 250 artists were invited.

pic11We can see on the pictures some enormous and gorgeous graffiti equally preserved by the Bristol Council.



I hope you have liked the Presentation of the graffiti tour!


Augustin Pizon, Low Intermediate class

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