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Study in Cambridge to advance your career

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Take an English course at EC to advance your career in Cambridge

Have you ever dreamed of a career advancement? Deciding to invest in your personal growth is a fundamental step to achieving the professional success you want. And why not start with English to give your CV a boost?

Studying English in Cambridge can be the key to developing sufficient language skills to be able to find work abroad in English-speaking countries such as the United Kingdom or the United States, or to improve one’s knowledge of the English language in order to work in a company based elsewhere that requires familiarity or command of the language.

Why choose Cambridge to learn English?

Cambridge is one of the most important university cities in the world, which makes it a stimulating place to learn English. Whether you want to study academic English, learn the language of work and business, or simply improve your conversation skills by mastering a new language, in Cambridge you can take the course that suits you best. You will improve your knowledge of the language and you will maximise your skills at a pace that works for you. Thanks to tailor-made courses, you will quickly and effectively improve your skills while gaining confidence in speaking, listening, reading and writing in English, immersed in stimulating English-speaking daily life. Students flock to Cambridge from all over the world, so you will be exposed to different cultures, expanding your vision of the world and creating lasting friendships while practising and improving your skills with people similar to you.

Choose from a variety of courses including General English, Intensive English, Academic English, English for Work, English in the City and ESOL and IELTS exam preparation courses. Thanks to the competent and constant help of highly specialised teachers, developing quality knowledge will be easy and intuitive.

English courses in Cambridge will prepare you for the world of work

By following the programme best suited to you, you will be ready to seize whatever opportunity is right for you, anywhere in the world. The highly specialised teaching offered will allow you to be confident in interacting with colleagues and able to use the English language to achieve highly specific goals. In addition to improving your English, in Cambridge you will develop many other skills that will be useful to you in the workplace: the ability to solve problems, prepare for meetings and argue your point of view will prove invaluable for the advancement of your career.

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Are you interested in optimising your job and career opportunities with English courses in Cambridge?

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