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EC Cambridge has an exciting new Unibridge English course, which provides students with both the language and skills they need to be successful at university. EPortfolios are an integral part of this course but how can they benefit our Unibridge students?

Making every moment on the English learning journey count:

A journey isn’t just about the destination. As soon as you set off, you begin taking pictures. My phone is full of evidence of every holiday I’ve ever taken, from the terrible meal on the plane to a selfie outside my hotel when I arrived, and everything in between. It’s not just about where I was going but how I got there…that’s what really makes a journey special, and it’s exactly the same with learning.

Very often people focus on the end goal of their learning. They go through the steps to get to their target but without reflecting on the steps they have taken. This misses the opportunity to develop both the learning skills all learners can have and the understanding of their learning process. One method to improve the learning and understanding of progress is to use success criteria so that students know at the beginning what they are going to achieve and then what criteria are used to evaluate their progress and they can self-evaluate themselves and reflect on their learning. This process can be enhanced by using an ePortoflio.

What is an ePortoflio?

In the past students might keep paper folders of their work at school and look at all the things they had created over their learning journey. These artefacts of their learning then clearly showed what the students were capable of producing, not just tests but actual creative pieces that the student themselves developed with the help of their teachers and classmates. With modern technology we can go a lot further. We can record and store any type of evidence that a student creates: examples of speaking, presentations, essays, and other multimedia projects. We can also organise and share the evidence easily. This means you can show what you are capable of to any prospective employer, or University or family member using actual evidence rather than just claiming you can do it.

How does it work?

Both inside and out of the classroom, you’ll be working on your ePortfolio. You’ll be drafting, offering feedback, recording, speaking, and writing tasks and the whole English learning journey is there for you to see. The ePortfolio is a part of your course, embedded into the curriculum and the lessons as opposed to be extra work outside of class time. Your ePortfolio does not only record your finished piece of work but also contains the steps on the journey, your reflection and evaluation skills and your ability to recognise the strengths and weaknesses of your own learning and address them.

Why does it work?

Remember, it’s not just about the destination, it’s about the journey. On Unibridge, you’re not only learning new English academic language and skills, you’re also learning to be a better learner. You’re learning the key life skills you will need to be successful in any workplace or university. As you work with your partners on your ePortfolios, you’re developing the 21st century skills of collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking. It’s not just about what you have learnt. With your ePortfolio, you can show how you have learnt. This makes you a more informed learner, a more efficient learner and a learner who values each step of their learning journey and has the evidence to prove it.

Why not become that learner? And show the world what you can do…

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