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The beautiful game

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Every Thursday the EC English students go to play football at a nice field next to the school. It doesn’t matter if the student is a Beginner or Advanced, from Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Turkey or another country.

Monise is a student at EC Cape Town


Last week my husband wanted to play and I decided to go along to take pictures and have fun watching the game. I didn’t know what was waiting for me: the field was at the top of a building! I almost didn’t watch the game because the view is amazing! From there you can see the fabulous Table Mountain, a beautiful clock on a ‘church’ and beautiful buildings where you can try to locate yourself by seeing the city. It`s fantastic! At the city center you have a field at the top of a building! It sounds crazy, but this is Cape Town!


Students at EC Cape Town play soccer EVERY week by popular demand!


The students played for more than one hour because the weather was perfect: sunny and windy. The teacher was the referee, but at some time he decided to play too. The game is irresistible for men!


This is the view from the top of the building. WOW EC Cape Town is reaching new heights


What caught my attention is that we need to learn language, we need to learn how to write and talk but body language is universal, single, comprehensible. Everybody was very happy, smiling, having fun and tired at the end. And they deserved a picture like a professional team!

A happy EC Cape Town soccer team at the end of their match


Monise is currently at EC language school in Cape Town with her husband Alison. They have made a pact to only speak English while they are in Cape Town because they are only here for a month.  🙂

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