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Why should you learn English in Cape Town?

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“I’d say this city is for everyone…it can change your life and even your way of thinking.”

By Leticia Dos Santos


Leticia and her giraffe.
I saw many beautiful animals during my trip to Cape Town.

Studying English abroad is a unique experience. Before coming here, I had very basic knowledge, so I decided to learn English in Cape Town.

When I came to Cape Town it was very difficult at first, as I had to figure out how everything worked here – especially the language barrier. After a few weeks, it became natural, I could speak and express myself easily. EC English School Cape Town has provided me all the support and help I needed. I can say that I acquired knowledge of the English language.

What has contributed to my learning was the encouragement I’d received from the teachers. The classes were always very interactive and no matter how shy I was, it helped me to develop my skills. The structure is simply amazing, very technological and the methodology used to teach was for sure the difference. The way subjects and lessons are introduced in the class, helps to develop, speech and improve vocabulary.

Overall, learning another language is not an easy job. You must work hard and do your best. Literally immerse yourself in the language and culture to make it as natural as possible.


My advice would be, don’t take learning so seriously; make mistakes, talk shamelessly, make as many friendships as you can, whether local or foreign, read books, magazines, watch movies in English, but most important, practice English every single day.

EC Cape Town student overlooking the ocean.
One of my favorite activities was spending time at the beach, enjoying the beautiful sunset.

Cape Town lifestyle

Cape Town is an amazing city where I learned about culture and history and had the opportunity to learn English.

I think what makes this city so unique is the vibe it conveys. Everyone is always so happy and friendly, the views are stunning, and the fact that you have such close contact with nature and animals are indescribable.

I’ve been to wonderful places in the time I’ve spent here. I’d say this city is for everyone, from cultural and historical tours to wineries and good restaurants. From radical tours like jumping from the highest bungee jump in the world to jumping from parachutes.

There are beautiful beaches, always surrounded by beautiful mountains, mountain climbing, waterfall tours, wildlife at reserves and safaris. By boat you can easily see marine life; sea lions, dolphins and if you’re lucky, whales.

Last but not least, here you are sure to see the most beautiful sunsets of your life, no matter if the weather is good or bad, rainy or cloudy, at the end of the day the sun always sets. It is absurdly beautiful.

If I could recommend something, it would be: if you have the opportunity to study abroad, go.

It is an unforgettable experience, in addition to all the learning during the trip it can change your life and even your way of thinking. The rewards after studies are usually good, but there is no better learning than living, so enjoy every moment.

Leticia on her graduation day
Leticia Dos Santos with her teachers and her some of her Upper Intermediate class.

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