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Fun Class activity at the Beach

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Sometimes our teachers at EC Los Angeles like to take students outside of the classroom and exploration around our neighbor with them. Sometimes teachers go a small trip to the farmers market, beach and some other places.

Since EC Los Angeles is 5 minutes walk to the beach, all of our students, teachers, and staff love to go there.


Upper Intermediate class on the way to the beach.


Learn and have fun at the same time

On this day, one of our teachers invited his class to the beach. They studied English while they playing beach volleyball, and enjoying the nice warm weather.  Taking students out of the classroom helps students and teachers to get to know more about each other,  and to relax. Sometimes, students find difficult to speak English in their class because they are afraid of making mistakes, but this kind of class activity will help students to study English more frankly, and they can have fun talking to their classmates.


Check out our Students Ambassador, Hiro has to say about his class:

Our Student Ambassador Hiro, playing beach volleyball with his classmates.

“We went to Santa Monica beach to play beach volleyball because it was Friday! Happy Friday, yes.
It was good experience because we could feel beautiful weather in LA with awesome classmates and great teacher!”

-Student Ambassador, Hiro(Japan)-


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