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Photography workshop at EC Los Angeles

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At EC Los Angeles, in addition to teaching English, some teachers like to share their passions with their students.

Like our great teacher Nita, who took her Intermediate class out on a photography workshop around the school and the beach.

Students learned how to take great pictures and added new words, such as shade, open shade, portrait, landscape, pop, flat, full body shot, Ā¾ shot, patterns, breaking of lines, to their vocabulary.

Here are some “behind the scenes” shots:

Nita taking a landscape picture of her class.


But students didn’t only learn how to take picture, they also learned how to pose.

Here’s a tip, if you’re taking a group picture and there’s too many people and you don’t want them to look like a soccer team šŸ˜€ , tell them to turn just a little, they’ll have more space and look more natural šŸ™‚ :


It’s all about Body language…




You can check out the final results in our Instagram account: ec_los_angeles and make sure to follow us!



Students enjoying the view.


If you want to Study English in LA AND have fun, EC Los Angeles is the right school for you, come see us or visit our website!

Have a nice Weekend!!


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