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EC Malta offers Private Lessons

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EC Malta offers many different English courses, including preparation for exams such as IELTS, TOEFL and Cambridge as well as Business English classes. Private Lessons, also known as One-to-One, is another fantastic option provided by the school, giving to students the opportunity to improve their English faster and with more flexible schedules.

Besides having more chances to express yourself and your doubts, the course is also a great alternative to direct the lessons according to the student weakest points. Check below the testimonial of the One-to-One student, Takeshi, who recommend the course and gives his own opinion about the advantages of these lessons.

“I was taking the Business Course and my teacher suggested I take the private lessons because I needed to improve my English as soon as possible. It’s quite different to be in a Business class to a General English class. I decided to take the Business class because I can learn a lot of Business vocabulary. My English improved a great deal taking Business and Private classes. In the Business class I learnt not just with the teachers but also with other students since the class had a very high standard.

There are many advantages of taking the One-to-One lesson, especially because the lesson is tailor-made for me, I can decide what I want to learn. It is different in a normal class, it is better to concentrate and I can speak for a longer time because it is just me. The teacher also gives me feedback all the time. Definitely, I am very satisfied with it.

The combination was good for me. The reason that I chose to take private lesson was because it is more efficient and I saw my weak points and then apply new skills in the Business class. I believe my English improved a lot, more than I expected. I think I already achieved my goal because I started as Low Intermediate level and now I am High Intermediate.

I strongly recommend the Business course to anyone who needs to speak English at work, who holds a high position at work or who is setting up a company. I would recommend private lessons to every student who wants improve their English, not just to a business person, because they will study according to what they need.”

(Takeshi, from Japan – Business English and One-to-One Course)

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