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What about riding a horse while studying in Malta?

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Last week, two EC Malta students went on a new adventure: Horse Riding. “I love horses! It was my first time riding a horse and I decided to do it in Malta because the landscape here is beautiful”, says Sabrina Fedrizzi, from Switzerland.


The activity is part of the Social Programme offered by EC Malta at a cost of 25 euros, including transport. The activity is held in Bidnija, which is a lovely area located in the north of the island, perfect for the activity.

“The activity was a good experience for me, it was very fun. I am planning to do it again. I would recommend the activity to both young and old people. The activity is very fun in a group”, affirms Sabrina. Groups of all sizes are welcome to join in, just go to reception and book in advance.

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The activity takes about one hour. If you are interested in booking the activity, just go to the main reception and ask for further information.

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