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EC Malta Social Programme: Learning English and Having Fun in Malta

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When a new month starts it is time to check out what EC Malta have prepared for students, and this month we have a lot of exciting news for you! Learning English in Malta at EC is a combination of studying and fun, so let’s get it started….



To begin with, we have new extra activities during the week to help you to improve your English and also make new friends! Meet and Greek, Homework Club and Listening Lab are now included in our extra activity programme – specific details about the activities are coming soon on the blog.

Besides having our monthly calendar traditional tours, such as Gozo and Blue Grotto, we are introducing new tours, including Mdina and Valletta by the Night, giving students the opportunity to discover the island during the evenings as well.

In addition, as the summer approaches we have also prepared fun activities for you to make the most at the best season of the year. On the 12th of May, the Beach Club is opening, so make sure you have your student card with a photo since the place is free for EC Students. The Beach Volleyball is also part of this amazing Programme. Just call your EC friends and let’s go play Volleyball!

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