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Student Testimonal by Loic Jequier from Switzerland

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The main differences between English and French are the auxiliary verbs in a sentence and the pronunciation.  The auxiliary verb change in French, for example, when you say your age you use the verb “to be” but in French we use the verb “to have”.  If we make a translation of “I’m 21 years old”, in French the sentence is “I have 21 years old”.  The other difference is the pronunciation.  Some words are similar but they don’t have the same pronunciation.  For some people the pronunciation is difficult but by doing that improved our knowledge and pronunciation.  They is some difference in grammar too but it’s a long list.  The way for learning new vocabulary is simple – if you don’t have a good memory you have to gather the words that seem similar.  Then try to make some sentence with a maximum of your vocabulary.  If you want, you can draw the picture of your sentence.  After the vocabulary come easily but it should be studied!  If you don’t regularly practice your vocabulary, you aren’t going to advance and improve your knowledge!

Loic decided to study English in Malta and followed an  Academic Year 30 lessons course with us. Find out about all the courses we have to offer.

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