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Amazing student testimonial by an ESL Malta student from Colombia

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Susana Ortiz from Colombia


Amazing student testimonial by an ESL Malta student from Colombia



When I decided to go to Malta I didn’t expect that this trip would be the best experience of my whole life.
Now I have to say it’s a great pleasure say that I was student of school EC Malta that really made a mark in my life, EC gave me the opportunity to meet amazing people who with the time they became in members of my family, today I can say that I have many brothers and sisters in different parts of the world who made my life in Malta was all a great unforgettable adventure.
I went there to improve my English but I didn’t learn only a language, I learnt to share and live with different cultures also to live my life in a different way.
Definitely Malta is the best option to live the life totally different.
I just have to say thank you so much for making my five months an amazing ESL Malta experience.
And remember never it’s a goodbye always will be a see you later.



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