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Learn English in Malta in 2015

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In today’s fast-moving globalised world, it is impossible to get anywhere and succeed without being able to converse in English. It has almost become safe to say that English has now become the global language, the one language we all resort to when faced with a language barrier. Yet, if one were to think that everyone is able to communicate in English, then they’d better think again.

Let us, for a moment, subscribe to the basic human behaviour of categorising everything and everyone. Were we to allocate humankind to 4 (albeit broad and inaccurate) English-related pigeonholes, we could divide them into native speakers of English, people who have fluency in the language yet lack accuracy, basic and limited speakers of the language, and finally, those who do not speak or understand the language at all.

Undoubtedly, this is a highly amateurish way of looking at English-language proficiency, due to the fact that not only is aptitude something that must be examined over a much broader spectrum, but one must also keep in mind that a language is made up of skills. It depends on the individual which of the skills they are best at and this is what English language learning focuses on.

Studying English will vary depending on the person taking the course. Of course, the overall level of the student plays an important part. However, the focus is on the individual skills and the honing of those skills, filling gaps that hinder your fluency and accuracy, while strengthening the foundation that is already there. Therefore, learning English is for everybody. Just because you have an advanced grasp of the language does not mean that there is nothing for you to learn. English is a language and a language is not static, but ever-changing. Besides, who can actually say they know EVERYTHING in any language, including their own?

Advanced or Beginner makes no difference. Come and Learn English in Malta, and you will never regret it since you will get a better command of the language. English classes in Malta mean you will have a caring teacher who does his best at helping you learn — be that a little or a lot depends on you!


Learn English in Malta with EC
Learn English in Malta in 2015

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