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Some notes by EC Malta student Mika Sugiyama

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Some notes written by EC Malta English Language School student from Japan (Mika Sugiyama)

I had an image of Africa that there were a lot of wild animals, natural places and tribes.

Africa is dangerous because there are many people who are very poor and have diseases.

This image is the strongest in my mind. Most people have an image like me. This image is true but not all.

There are poor villages and also big cities.  Africa has a lot of interesting cultures and nature.

Unique cultures have been inherited depending on the tribes since a long time ago.

We can understand which tribe they are a member of if we look at them.

And there are a lot of beautiful beaches, deserts, forests, lakes, canyons, mountains and animals.

If people have a bad image they will have a filter. Bad news is easy to know on TV and internet.

It’s true but we must know there are both good and bad things.


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