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May activities are almost over at EC Montreal

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We are almost coming to the end of the May activities.  We’ve had activities like healthy lunches, nature walks exploring our beautiful city, group workouts and much more.  This doesn’t interfere with the regular evening and weekend activities planned by our Activity Coordinators.  These are activities planned by the operations team that take place at the school.  This is a perfect opportunity for staff and students to get to know each other.  Our theme for May was health and fitness. 

Did you know that swimming is a lifetime sport that benefits the body?  The health benefits swimming offers are worth the effort it takes to get to the swimming pool, get into your swimsuit, and then get into the pool and swim.  Some EC Montreal students are extremely lucky.  They do not have to go very far to find a swimming pool.  All they have to do is change in the comfort of their own bedroom and go outside to their homestay family’s backyard.  Jump in the pool and enjoy the beautiful weather thatMontrealhas to offer.  How better to end the swim with a nice cold drink and a friendly conversation with the homestay family.

Meet Dominique, she’s been hosting for us since 2010.  Dominique really enjoys the outdoors and loves hosting in the summer.  She enjoys sitting in the back yard with the students after a swim and helping them practice the language that they are studying.

If you come to EC Montreal in the summer, you might get lucky and get a homestay with a swimming pool.  If not,Montrealhas beautiful outdoor and indoor swimming pools at local parks for students to enjoy.


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