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Beer & French Music Festival!

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EC Montreal offers free weekly activities at the school.  We like our activities to mirror what is happening in the city.  We give our students a taste of everything going on in the city and we make sure to give them all the information they need to go out there and experience the real thing!

beer festival 2013

Montreal is known for its summer festivals.  They run back to back or simultaneously!  Today, we celebrated Montreal’s Beer Festival and the Francopholies!  Every June, Montreal hosts a world beer festival.  It is a huge event that attracts thousands of visitors.  People can sample beer from all over the world and pair it with local Quebec foods.  Also in June is Montreal’s Francopholies, a French music festival.  Artists from different French speaking countries perform on amazing outdoor stages.  Most concerts are free.


We served our students a local Quebec beer while listening to great French tunes!  We also had the Francopholies programme available for students.

Students love our Wednesday activities and love the opportunity to interact with each other in a social and fun setting!  At EC Montreal, we really look forward to Wednesdays!

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