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Meet EC Montreal's English and French Teacher: Souha Ayed!

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souha ayed

Greetings…My name is Souha Ayed  and I love teaching!  I was born and raised in the beautiful Tunisia. I am an ESL/EFL teacher and I hold a Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics and a BA in English Language and Education. My experience includes delivering intensive English programmes to groups of both adolescents from different linguistic backgrounds and adults of different fields of the labour market, tutoring children and adolescents in need of reinforcement with their school work, and helping foreign students improve their writing for academic purposes.

For the past thirteen years, I have taught intermediate and advanced English courses, as well as creative writing and conversation workshops. In addition to class instruction, I have been responsible for searching and adapting material for pedagogical purposes.

At present, I am working at EC Montreal, teaching English to small classes made up of mostly foreign students.


My philosophy for learning is that each student  is unique, and each student learns in a different way. One of my jobs as a teacher is to help students discover their individuality and work alongside them to maximize their potential. I believe learning creatively, and learning though projects. It is my goal to create a community of learners who are committed to working hard and having fun. I want students to leave my classroom feeling confident that they can apply what they’ve learned in school to real-life situations. I want my students to feel challenged and to have an enhanced passion for learning.

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