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EC Montreal’s Bilingual Programme will help you to improve your English and French skills, and give you an opportunity to have an authentic, bilingual Montreal experience.

The course helps you learn English and French.  You choose either language as your primary language, and you choose whether you want to live with a French or English-speaking host family.  You will attend 20 lessons per week in your primary language, and you may choose an additional 4 or 10 lessons per week in your secondary language.  You will then have a chance to practice your new language skills in the beautiful city of Montreal, and live as a bilingual resident of this cosmopolitan city.

EC teachers are highly qualified and trained to deliver effective and engaging instruction to help you improve your English and French language skills.  Through communicative and “real life” lessons, you will learn real-world language and cultural skills so that you can enjoy the city of Montreal to its fullest.  The EC staff will support and guide you as you progress in your language skills, and they will also provide you with opportunities to engage with the local population and participate in exciting activities throughout the city.

Join our EC Language School in Montreal and be part of this magical experience!

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