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Montreal's Taco Fest Happening This Weekend!

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This upcoming weekend is a long weekend in Canada.  Monday, September 2 is Labor Day.  Most businesses are closed on this day.  We always look forward to this weekend as it is one of the last weekends of summer so there is always something exciting happening in the city!

If you are not joining EC Montreal on the 3-day trip to New York City this weekend, we suggest you check out Montreal’s Taco Fest!  It is a three-day festival taking place at the Old Port of Montreal at the Quai Jacques Cartier to be precise.

The festival will take place from Saturday, August 31 to Monday, September 2.  You must go on the Taco Fest website to buy the tickets.  The tickets are only $7.95.

The festival will include a wide array of Mexican cuisine and will showcase some of Montreal’s best and most renowned chefs.  The food will include seventy-five different types of tacos, guacamole, churros, ice cream and a huge selection of hot sauce!

There will also be a nice selection of cocktails to sample; margaritas, Mezcal and Tequila!

Taco Fest will also include interactive games, folk music and dance lessons.

We cannot wait to promote Taco Fest to our EC Montreal students!  What a wonderful way to spend the long weekend!

16% of EC Montreal’s student population is currently Mexican!  I am sure they are longing for their Mexican food from back home.  This will be a comforting treat!

Montreal is the gastronomy capital of North America and this love of food comes from celebrating all the different cultures in Montreal!  Getting a taste of different cultures is the best way to learn about the world!

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