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Meet our New English Teacher, Yasur!

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We are delighted to introduce you to EC Montreal’s new English teacher, Yasur.  Please help us to welcome him to the EC family!

My name is Yasur IqbaI, I am a law graduate and now a passionate teacher of English.

Before teaching English, I have worked for many years in Finance and HR, working for different corporate companies.  The common thing throughout these has been my passion in connecting with individuals in a meaningful way.

I am an adventurous person with a love for learning languages and travelling as much as I can. I have been fortunate enough not only to have travelled but also lived in many different cities, more recently, calling Montreal home.  My love of languages has led me to speaking French, Italian and more recently, the challenging task of learning Russian. This love for languages and sense of adventure has led me to teaching English where I am able to use my own enthusiasm for languages, and share it with others in their goal to learn English.  

In the past, my curiosity for connecting with people in a meaningful way has also pushed me into the creative arts. I have had the opportunity to take courses in theatre arts, take acting classes in Toronto and also take part in short films. All these experiences and skills have stayed with me and helped me to connect with people of all different ages and backgrounds. 

In terms of teaching, I have now been teaching for a few years, doing one-on-one, teaching online and specifically teaching business English to those who have needed to improve their English for work. I am very excited to be joining the EC team where I can not only share my own strengths, but also learn and continue to develop as an English teacher. 

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