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San Diego Breweries

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San Diego’s breweries are some of the greatest in the world and are just one of the many reasons you should should choose to learn English in the USA! A brewery is a place where beer is made commercially, and you can visit tons of local breweries right here in San Diego.  Even if you’re not a fan of beer most of them offer spectacular restaurants and food options!

Here are the top 3 breweries in San Diego and why you should check them out!

3) The Lost Abbey is located in San Marcos and is one of the very best of all the breweries in north county San Diego.  A great variety of different brews, all made to very high standards, at prices you can afford (although some of their rare releases are pricy).  This place does get packed and doesn’t have chairs, which may deter some of you, but midweek this place isn’t overwhelmingly busy, usually.


2) Rip Current is also located in San Marcos and is a convenient place to grab a drink with friends or go by yourself and watch some sports. Beer prices are fair and they offer a variety of flavors.   This is definitely a great place to visit in your free time.  The employees are also very approachable, friendly and will help you make a great beer selection..


1) Everything about Stone Brew CO. is wonderful! From the Garden of Eden scenery to the fresh varied selection of beers form their own and other breweries.  The service and food are also outstanding. Everything is as locally sourced as possible, and many of the herbs and spices grow on site, they also have their own farm not too far away for fruits and vegetables.



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