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EC San Diego Student Testimonial- Andreas Grob

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EC San Diego Student Testimonial- Andreas Grob

Swiss student Andreas Grob writes about his experience learning English at EC San Diego! Not only did he have fun inside the classroom, but outside as well. Andreas took advantage of every school activity and made many new friends and had some great new experiences!


I chose San Diego because it has nice weather and it is a nice town (smaller than Los Angeles). The pronunciation is important for me because I’m a musician and a singer, so this was the reason why I choose San Diego. I learned a lot!  Before, I never wrote in English and now I’m able to write! (I learned this from Teacher Jacky) and Ito build some sentences in English.


I learned also to speak and the most important thing is, I get a feeling to the language.  My favorite EC activity was volleyball with Nazanin and my favorite teacher was Alan because he’s amazing.  He helped me with my lyrics and he improved them so that I could record his pronunciation.Thank you Alan!  My new friends come from Brazil, the French part of Switzerland, San Diego, South Korea, Japan, and the Italian part of Switzerland.

EC San Diego Student Testimonial- Andreas Grob

Written by Andreas Grob

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