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EC Birthday Cards!

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EC San Francisco would like to thank EVERYONE who attended yesterday’s International Luncheon to celebrate our school’s 2 Year Anniversary. The pictures look great and the food on display was delicious! In addition to the lunch time celebration was each class’ participation writing in an EC Birthday card. Below are some pictures displaying the procedure I used to create a design, which in my mind, gave a ‘home-made’ quality to the cards before they were handed out to all General English classes. (A glossary of the vocabulary in bold can be found at the bottom of this page)

First, I grabbed a ruler and sheet of blank paper. I drew up a rectangular space that I thought was an appropriate size for our design. Within this box, I began to sketch-out a rough draft of what I wanted to include on the front of our Birthday cards.

After using a pencil to give the card a natural, ‘handwritten’ feel, I then switched to a black marker pen. Using this marker, I wrote over the pencil, adding more depth and boldness to the original writing. Once this was complete, I filled out the design by drawing a basic balloon shape and a party hat, which sat on top of the first letter ‘p’. You will see these extra details in a moment.

Next, I printed a blank sheet of paper with our famous orange logo centered towards the bottom of a landscape page. This page would be the second phase of drafting.

I then placed the original design underneath this new sheet of paper before picking up my black marker to trace over my first draft. This meant that the original writing could be replicated both clearly and cleanly.

Now it was time to take the new and improved draft and scan it into a computer. This provided a smoother, more rounded version than I had before. (The file was opened using Adobe PDF Viewer)

After printing out copies for all of our general English classes, I was able to find some orange paper. This would suit EC’s colour scheme and certainly brighten up what I had produced so far. However, in order to place the new design over the orange card, I needed to think about its positioning. I decided to keep things simple and take a blank CD I found in the Teachers’ Office. This would form a nice, even circle around the design, which I could also cut out with ease.

I positioned the circular design at a slight angle that would fit the casual atmosphere of our Birthday celebration on Thursday, May 10. Finally, the cards were placed in each teacher’s attendance binder before students wrote EC San Francisco their Birthday wishes! The cards were then shared and displayed at our International Luncheon, where students and teachers celebrated in style!


to grab (v.): to take suddenly
to sketch (v.): to draw an outline
draft (n.): the first or second version of something to be completed
to switch (v.): to change from one thing to another
to fill out (phrasal v.): to add detail or information
to trace (v.): to draw over a visible mark
to replicate (v.): to reproduce an existing idea or procedure
colour scheme (n.): pattern of colours
brighten up (phrasal v.): to light up/make clearer
even (adj.): balanced
ease (n.): easiness
slight (adj.): at a small angle
casual (adj.): relaxed, informal
Birthday wishes (compound n.): kind words to celebrate another individual’s Birthday

H. Smith, 2012. Inspired by Clint Tabone, EC Brand Ambassador:

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