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Japanese student: I'm glad I chose EC San Francisco to learn English

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Masashi Yamamoto studies English at EC San Francisco

Hi, I’m Masashi Yamamoto from Japan. Today I’d like to talk about my experience of San Francisco.

I’ve studied English here for almost 1 year. I think that living in another country was a very good experience for me. Because, I could know both the goodness and evilness. The United States is a multi-racial nation. I saw people who are from various countries. A guide book says San Francisco is a very nice place. Actually, there are many famous places, for example, GoldenGate Bridge, Alcatraz Island, Fisherman’s Wharf , etc. However, I saw a lot of homeless people. Unfortunately, a person who has a baby is also homeless. I was shocked, but this is one of the good experiences for me. I could know that there are such people. If I didn’t come to EC, I wouldn’t know about these things.

After coming to EC, I had a feeling that I could change myself. I could get a strong heart and “control myself”. In my first week of EC, I was really nervous because I would usually put too much pressure on myself. At that time, my teachers and friends always supported me. They are kind and very friendly. They are always joking with me, but they gave me good advice when I asked them. I’m glad to have met them.”Don’t push yourself too much” was their advice.

Second, I became able to not be afraid of my mistakes.  At first, I had thought that I needed perfect grammar when I spoke English, but I changed my thinking. Making mistakes is fine. Students from other countries aren’t afraid of their mistakes. It is a great thing which I have to watch and learn. They showed it me.

Finally, trying to say something is the hardest thing for me. I often can’t put it into words very well when I speak English. Then, my friends and teachers are waiting until I make a complete sentence. They are listening carefully and trying to understand what I want to say. They are always smiling, so I could feel relieved. Thanks to them, I’ve started to change little by little.

I had a great time this year. There were many good things and bad things. However, I’m glad to have chosen San Francisco. I could meet wonderful friends, teachers and all the people who supported me. I’ve improved a lot. These times are a treasure for me.

It’ll come in handy in the future.

Thank you.

Masashi Yamamoto

Participant of the Academic Year English Study Program at EC San Francisco

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