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Teacher Karl on TOEFL Courses in San Francisco

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Teacher Karl on TOEFL Courses in San Francisco


It is known that EC is the place for taking TOEFL courses in San Francisco.  Teacher Karl absolutely agrees!  Take a look at what he has to say about teaching TOEFL courses:

“The TOEFL is the test for foreign student admissions to US universities and many certificate programs, and is gaining popularity as a general test of English in some parts of the world.  For many students, a high TOEFL score is seen as a necessity for the life path they have charted.  At EC San Francisco, we work with students to give them the tools they will need to maximize their effectiveness while taking the test.  Anyone who says they can guarantee you a particular score is lying.  ETS (the company that owns TOEFL) spends millions of dollars to make sure no student can predict the test, or use any kind of formula to develop high-scoring answers.  However, a good school, such as EC San Francisco, can guide students toward skill development and test-taking strategies that will maximize their success.

                The foundation for a good TOEFL score is a good working knowledge of general English.  Since the test assesses all skills, effectiveness on the test depends on being able to function comfortably in all areas of English.  Within the context of TOEFL preparation, therefore, while we obviously work on learning how the test works, and what approaches will produce the best outcomes, we also continue to work on the development of each student’s overall English through ongoing Communicative Approach activities.  Our goal is that students not only come out of the course with more confidence about the test, but with a clear improvement in their ability to use English as members of a global community of English speakers.”

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