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5ive Useful Idioms

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Time Flies:

Joe is having so much fun on his date with Melissa. They spend the whole day talking, and walking around. He looks at his watch and sees that they spend over five hours on their first date! Time flies when you’re having fun indeed.

We say “time flies” when we don’t feel that we spent too much time doing something.

Weigh one’s options:

Allison just graduated college. Now she has free time to do whatever she wants. She’s thinking about traveling around the world, starting postgraduate studies or finding a job! She’s going to weigh her options before she makes a decision.

We say “weigh one’s options” when we think about many options carefully before making a decision.

Climb the ladder:

Gregory started working at the restaurant when he was 16. He started as a dishwasher. Now at the age of 26, he was made to be the manager of the store. In the past 10 years, Gregory climbed the ladder in his restaurant from dishwasher all the way to the top!

We say “climb the ladder” when we talk about someone getting promoted within the company, and advance in their career.

Make ends meet:

With the breakout of this coronavirus (COVID-19), a lot of Americans are now out of their jobs. They’re not getting paid. Unemployment programs are being flooded with applications. Americans are now in stress of trying to make ends meet.

We say “make ends meet” when we are able to to pay our bills and rent and everyday food.

Tough call:

Lisa is an executive of a company. She’s been working for them for 20 years. Her pay is 120 thousand dollars a year. She is now offered a new job in another company with the same position with an increase of pay. They will pay her 140 thousand dollars a year. She doesn’t know what to do! She wants the salary increase, but she doesn’t want to give up her seniority in her company! It’s a tough call!

A “tough call” is a hard and difficult decision.


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