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Student Testimonials – Mar 06, 2020

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Some of our students that left last week shared their testimonial with us about when they were having English courses in Toronto.

“I choose this destination because this school offers a 30+ class. It helped me a lot to improve my English, especially because I was not confident, and now, thanks to EC Toronto, I’m ready to speak with everyone.
I met a lot of friends from Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Japan, South Korea, and also a few French, just enough to meet them in Paris again.
In general, the number of students was around 10 in my class. Sometimes less; teachers were great and lessons interesting. I’d recommend this school until B2 level for adults! It was a great experience!”

Claire Jeandidier, France


“I learned so much word and tense. My favourite EC act was the ugly sweater party. The teachers were very interested and funny. I did not only learn English. I also learned many cultures and languages. Everyone is social and friendly. I had a lot of friends here. I think my English has improved. Accommodation was everything fine.”

Safine Yilmaz, Turkish

“In these months I learned more about English than in my 9 years studying in Brazil. Each class was amazing to me. All the employees are friendly and kind. Thank you so much EC for providing me this experience. I’ll try to return as soon as possible.”

Alisson Lopes, Brazil

“I choose Toronto because I search for a place where I really could improve my English skills.
This experience was amazing, I’d like to stay here for many times. The school was a very interesting space to share our knowledge with the classmates from another countries. I loved the feedback time, we really effort to inderstand our mistakes.
I’ll recommend EC to everyone ?”

Fernanda Soares, Brazil

“I choose this destination because is near my country and also Toronto is a multicultural city, so, that was interesting for me.
I improve a lot my English in 6 months and I met a lot of new friends.
The teachers are so kind and friendly and of course I would recommend EC to a friend.
My new friends come from a lot od countries, now I have friends all over the world.
I will always remember the people, my teachers, my friends and of course the different types of food that I tried.”

Gabriel Vazquez, Mexico

EC Toronto wish you all the best in your homes and hope you keep practising and come back to Study English in Toronto! See you soon!!!

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